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Collegium Solvitur Ambulando Hosts “Beauty and Evil”

Please come join us for CSA on October 25

as Bro. Michael Pearce presents "Beauty and Evil".

Michael Pearce is known for his huge figurative oil paintings. While on the surface the paintings are romantic contemporary escapes from the hard edges of daily life, celebrating colorful flowers and beautiful people, there’s a mythic depth to them that reveals the artist feeling his way out of deconstruction by drawing upon archetypes and allegories from the West’s deep past, from centuries-old emblem books and alchemical symbolism. Pearce digs for conceptual themes in the paintings that capture his audience by encouraging their individual imaginative interpretation of the events he has painted. There’s meaning here – a reconstruction of ideas bigger than ourselves – that makes these paintings feel greater than their already large size. The paintings recently concluded The Secret Paintings tour which took them to museums and galleries across the United States from California to Florida.


He is also known for his book Art in the Age of Emergence, a remarkable book about the aesthetics of representational art in the emerging present age which describes a new way of looking at art as something that progresses from culture from the bottom up, rather than being directed by individuals from the top down. Philip Clayton said, “With penetrating insight and provocative examples, Michael Pearce builds a new theory of art upon "emergent experiences" and the artworks that inspire them. This is aesthetics in the grand tradition - after reading it you won't see mind, matter, or art in the same way again."


In addition to his work as painter and writer, Pearce is founder and chair of The Representational Art Conference series, which has brought together artists and academics to talk about the philosophy and practice of studio art, and helped to legitimize traditional technique in the 21st Century. His work has been recognized by the California Art Club who presented him with its prestigious Bracken award for his leadership in the art world. 

Pearce is Professor of Painting and Drawing at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. He has a PhD from Britain’s Plymouth University, an MFA from the prestigious University of Southern California, and a BA (Hons) from Dartington College of Arts. He is a member of Hollywood Lodge.

Beauty and Evil

In this talk Dr. Pearce will describe the seductive relationship between beauty and evil, looking at examples from history, including Nazi aesthetics, Communist socialist realism, and the American avant-garde.

This event is open to everyone.  Dress code is casual.
Social time will begin at 6:30 pm with light refreshments
and the presentation will begin around 7:30 pm.

Hope to see you there!

Hollywood Lodge No. 355
19626 Ventura Blvd
Tarzana, CA  91356